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75.00 EUR

Personal shopping assistant is an expert in the field of design and dressing,

to which duties belongs to help you to find the style which is most suitable you, to provide maintenance and the professional's look during your visits to the shops.

If you don't have enough time and ideas and you don't know where to go shopping, use the Shopping Assistant serviss!

The Shopping Assistant service includes maintenance you in the shops and salons within several hours or one day.

During fact-finding visit to your house the concept of the main line of the new stylistic solution of inhabited space will be created. 

The Shopping Assistant will help to choose decorative accessories and will offer simple and not expensive ideas which will bring desirable result.

If it is about several large purchases for performance of finishing works, for example, of replacement of wall-paper, a tile, a parquet, a carpet or repaint of walls, you are given opportunity to use professional discounts from 5 to 10% for some trademarks.


Fact-finding visit - the first hour

30 € / hour

Fact-finding visit - each next hour

15 € / hour

Visit of shops in the working days - the first hour

20 € / hour

Visit of shops on Sunday - the first hour

30 € / hour

Visit of shops in the working days​ - each next hour

10 € / hour

Visit of shops on Saturday - each next hour

15  € / hour

Full day with fact-finding visit

80 € / 6 hours

Full Saturday with fact-finding visit

100 € / 6 hours

Researching of the client's preferences


Necessary measurements on the object​