StudioPerfezione Group - an interior design company, based in Riga, Latvia, and specializes in design services for residential, commercial and hotel buildings. StudioPerfezione Group will help you create an exciting and inspiring interior. The company takes as its foundation of work a unique approach to every design project. To create a successful design within the wishful budget, StudioPerfezione Group listens for your every need and desire to better reflect your lifestyle. Professional team StudioPerfezione Group thoroughly designs the project to create a cosy interior and keep a high level of organization by contact with suppliers and performers of the project. During the last 11 years, the Company have been working with a various clientele in Latvia, Russia, Bulgaria in the realization of various projects directed on building of modern design and making functional interiors. Collaboration with StudioPerfezione Group may be agreed or on a full project, or for customers who do not live on site, or for those who prefer to realize the project themselves. We are glad to offer our available remote services of interior design, also known as ONLINE INTERIOR DESIGN.

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2020-03-15 13:30:55

First, let us get to know you. Start by choosing the room in which you need help. Secondly, provide detailed information about your room and budget, analogues you liked and didn't like, and upload your room and inspirational photos. Based on ...

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