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65.00 EUR

The strategic decision for high-quality repair

How to exclude an overexpenditure and a tightening of terms of repair?

You receive the decision for creation of exclusive design. You can embody it by own efforts. Thus mistakes under repair are excluded.

The received documents and apportions according to drawings will allow you to buy exact amount of material. It will save means - will exclude buy-in material, or the materials bought over need.
According to drawings you will easily check builders.

Work on the design project guarantees that your time and the budget are spent correctly.

from 50 to 150 m2

20 € / m2

from 150 to 250 m2

18 € / m2

from 250 to 500 v2

17 € / m2

more than 500 m2

15 € / m2

Performance terms

from 1,5 months

Structure of a project


Measurement plan


Researching of the client's preferences 


Offers on re-planing

3 variations

Set of working documentation

The basic
(plans of floors, ceiling, electrician)

Decoration materials, furniture, textiles

Consultation on selection

Interior decoration


Designer's consultation after competition of the project


3D visualisation




Structure of the design project

  1. Visiting of the object, photo fixing of object
  2. The measurement drawing with a binding of all designs
  3. Offers on re-planning of rooms 2 options
  4. Final re-planning of rooms with sizes
  5. Plan of construction dismantle
  6. Plan of construction installation
  7. Explication of rooms with the indication of the areas
  8. Plan of conceptual arrangement of furniture (3-4 options)
  9. Development of the plan of opening of doors (sizes of apertures of doors standard)
  10. Plan of placement of the sanitary equipment
  11. Plan of placement of electric heat-insulated floors
  12. Plan of placement of conditioners
  13. Development of the plan of ceilings (one, two-level)
  14. Cuts on ceilings
  15. The plan of floors with a conceptual apportion of materials on rooms
  16. The plan of placement of lighting, distribution of lines for switches
  17. Plan of placement of electric sockets and electroconclusions
  18. Style and color schemes (1-2 options)
  19. Development of walls with a tile apportion
  20. Offers on selection of the sanitary equipment on catalogs
  21. Offers on selection of the main finishing materials
  22. Offers on selection of furniture on catalogs - the concept
  23. The plan of an arrangement of kitchen furniture - the concept
  24. Offer on selection of illuminants on catalogs
  25. The offer of electro-adjusting products (socket) - the concept