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50.00 EUR

Express-design consultation

How not to make the designer's wrong choice? At once it is difficult to understand, whether that is the company in which you will be understood best of all and will embody design in the best way. After all so there is no wish to be disappointed and to waste precious time. Our general task - to bring similar risks to naught and to make our cooperation the most effective, creative and pleasant.

For this purpose we suggest to begin with the Express project.

The express-design is a meeting-consultation with the professional designer during which you will get a help to create the general concept of future interior.

The express-design is necessary for receiving of consultations on re-planning of rooms, on arrangement of furniture, at the choice of the color decision and also you will be able to receive answers to many other interesting questions.

Consultations will help you if in the course of repair there are some difficulties - how to beat a ledge, a niche, communications, etc. 

Our express-consultations already confirmed the need and efficiency, and part from them already served as the beginning for successful and long-term cooperation!

The express-design doesn't oblige to sign the contract and keeps a further freedom of choice for the client. 

It is impossible to save on quality, but to save time and money - it is possible!


The price - 50 EUR/hour