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The Norwegian style - is one of the Scandinavian styles, but there are some features.

The pursuit of luxury isn't peculiar to residents of Norway and at arrangement of the housing they give preference to a cozy and warm interior which Norwegians do rather soft and minimum elaborate. Walls in rooms, as a rule, are covered with light paint or plaster with not expressed texture. Gray color (all shades), color of an egg shell and coffee of latte is very popular. In a bedroom there can be dark wall-paper. Reception of three walls in one color, and another one in accent is also often used. For its creation colors are used: the muffled greens, some shades blue, gray, turquoise, amber.

Tree in the Norwegian style is the unconditional favourite. It is everywhere: timber floor, wooden furniture and decor, ware and toys. Norwegians are very much appreciate an oak, but interiors and from a pine are widespread. 

Light has key value in registration of an interior in the Norwegian style and the main objective of the designer as much as possible to keep a sunlight indoors. And almost anywhere there are no top central chandeliers, in each drawing room, as a rule, instead, is established till 7-10 small lamps. 

And here are accessories - vases, pictures, figurines - don't happen a little, them are of ton for all occasions in each house - Christmas, Easter for example. For revival of an interior wattled baskets, ethnotextiles, carpets with long pile, photos in a wooden framework, small fishes from ceramics on walls are used.

Norwegians very much love fur therefore skins are used on a floor, pillows, chairs.

It should be noted thematic colors in an interior - violet - color of an advent, after December 25th use the red - color of Christmas, and for Easter - yellow. 

The Norwegian style in an interior is a fine choice for modern apartments and houses!