Creat your house only for few minutes!

What is Online Interior Design Consultation?  

Online Interior Design Service is best suited for people with a modest budget or anyone interested in good design but not needing a full design service.

What purpose I before myself set? First of all, my task - to help people to realize the most various dreams: from ascetic minimalism to magnificent baroque.
For whom my online service is intended? I am sincerely glad to consult everyone who wants to change the house, the apartment, the room or an office with refined taste.
Unlike many companies, I won't be pushed away by restrictions on time or under the allocated budget.
Together with the client we will always find the effective solution for all objectives.
I will answer all your questions on design, I will consider your wishes and I will offer some possible options one of which will suit you as my long-term practice shows. 

К вашим услугам очень простой 3D планировщик. В редакторе Вы можете легко создавать комнаты, добавлять предметы интерьера, менять отделку, работать в 2D и 3D режимах, а также создавать фотореалистичные снимки.


Planner 5D - Планировщик помещений и дизайн интерьера


For your convenience of 3D visualization there is a public programm of Sketch Up. Having downloaded the free version of this program, you will be able to take part in creation of the interior very easy, and also in 3d measurement to look through the design which is already developed for you.

To register in online consultation, fill fields which are given below.

Having read your inquiry and having received an advance payment, I get to work. Below the approximate price list is given. I will note that the prices vary from complexity and the size (for example, kitchens and bathrooms demand more time for coordination, than other rooms).

For payment we accept:

Working on the Internet, I constantly face need of the client for personal communication and I don't refuse personal contact. 
If you have questions concerning the order, call +371 26 48 22 00. 
If worked an answering machine, leave a voice message and I will surely call back to you!